beggary beggary


  1. (n) a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person)
  2. (n) the state of being a beggar or mendicant



  1. In Tokyo, where beggary had once been rare, police seized 232 vagrants in Ueno Park.
  2. A weak democratic government fails to maintain order, and is vilified by nationalists furious at the country's fall from world power to beggary.
  3. Small Cuban producers, unable to compete with the big corporate plantations, have been ruined on a nationwide scale, driven to suicide and beggary.


  1. In a widely reprinted rant that damned the sitting president as a British lackey, Callender concluded, "Take your choice between Adams, war and beggary, and Jefferson, peace and competency!"
    on Jul 3, 2008 By: James T. Callender Source: Washington Post

  2. For as Edmund Burke, a British philosopher and statesman, said of socialism,"A perfect equality will indeed be produced. That is to say equal wretchedness, equal beggary, and on the part of the petitioners, a woeful, helpless, and desperate...
    on Aug 3, 2008 By: Edmund Burke Source: MWC News

  3. Harwood agrees that the current climate heralds a return to Grub Street's days of "luxury or beggary".
    on Mar 6, 2010 By: Ronald Harwood Source: The Guardian

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