befoul befoul


  • (v) spot, stain, or pollute



  1. Not only does cigarette smoke befoul cabin air, which is pressurized at the equivalent of 2,500 ft.
  2. A Matter of Urgency Americans have managed to befoul their natural resources on a scale unparalleled in history.
  3. Many stores now label the phosphate content of detergents that they sell, thus encouraging housewives to choose a brand less likely, after sewage treatment, to befoul waterways.


  • WTF: Justin Bieber Urinates Into Mop Bucket While Yelling ‘F*ck Bill Clinton’ For Some Reason

    Apparently unable to find a convenient restroom in a New York restaurant earlier this year, teen celebrity Justin Bieber relieved himself in a mop bucket. The singer's actions were filmed by one of his friends, during which the group is heard to tell the restaurant employees—who may or may not have been present—that they should feel honored Bieber chose their establishment to befoul.
    on July 10, 2013     Source: Mediaite

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