bedroll bedroll


  • (n) bedding rolled up for carrying


  1. People laughed when someone put a live rattlesnake, with its mouth sewn shut, in his bedroll at a chili-cooking contest.
  2. On these marches they wade creeks, slosh through mires, sleep wet and muddy on open ground without bedroll or tent.
  3. Depending on how it's folded, it can convert from nighttime bedroll to daytime parka or even a backpack.


  • Tucson, AZ | Continuous News and Weather

    TUCSON - Tucson Police officers are enforcing an ordinance prohibiting people from obstructing the sidewalk in the so-called "Safe Park" downtown. The homeless are only allowed to keep a bedroll and something to drink now. Two people have been arrested.
    on January 25, 2014     Source: KVOA Tucson


  • "I decided to fix the car up the way I always wanted to fix it up," Reiser said. "It's kind of a male thing to want to have a bedroll for your horse or a place to sleep in your car."
    on Apr 1, 2008 By: Hans Reiser Source: International Herald Tribune

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