beat around the bush beat around the bush


  • (v) be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information


  1. To beat around the bush of last autumn's Neutrality Act, the loan was restricted to non-military supplies.
  2. Most candidates beat around the bush on controversial topics like health care.
  3. He tells the truth, and he don't beat around the bush.


  • Hurricane-o-rama | Fighter shifts into unexpected gears

    "You know the answer to the question," said Gerald Harris. "Don't beat around the bush. That's the elephant in the room." Get the elephant some peanuts. It needs to stay but a few more minutes. Before rehashing major MMA news with factual information rather than guestimations, we are talking about... By Dwayne Davis.
    on June 26, 2013     Source: Urban Tulsa

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