bastardize bastardize


  1. (v) change something so that its value declines; for example, art forms
  2. (v) declare a child to be illegitimate



  1. Studio people get hold of my pictures and with their dirty, grubby scissors they mutilate, rape and bastardize my work.
  2. You bastardize it if you try to make it an art form.
  3. It just seems that for the democrats to remain in power they have to somehow bastardize the republicans.


  • A Fug From The Top

    To bastardize my own Twitter joke from the other day: NOOP, GOOP. NOOOOOOOP.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Go Fug Yourself


  1. Speaking of the founders of podcasting technology, Trippi says they "would probably be worried the politicians are going to bastardize it."
    on May 24, 2005 By: Joe Trippi Source: WDIV

  2. "We're not going to bastardize my dad's image, like just throw it on anything," Rohan Marley says. "We have to let the people know that this is a family product, and it's quality."
    on Nov 23, 2006 By: Rohan Marley Source: Wall Street Journal

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