basilisk basilisk


  1. (n) (classical mythology) a serpent (or lizard or dragon) able to kill with its breath or glance
  2. (n) ancient brass cannon
  3. (n) small crested arboreal lizard able to run on its hind legs; of tropical America


  1. Even moviegoers who liked L'Avventura will probably find The Night black and cold; it has a basilisk intensity that turns the heart to stone.
  2. Katharine is all businesslike competence: she industriously snaps photos, craftily measures out tips, keeps her basilisk eye fixed warily on the untrustworthy Italians.
  3. I studiously avoided being caught by Perkins' basilisk eye.


  • Misconception Monday: The Cudahy Dome

    The Chamber of Secrets has been opened… Walk slowly: Tom Riddle may be inside waiting to summon the Basilisk lurking in the pipes. Or, it may just be an old, dilapidated dome locked from students with no use besides that of storage space. The Michael Cudahy Science Hall was built in 1912 and was the first building to be used [...]
    on November 12, 2013     Source: The Phoenix

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  • "I spent 18 years under the Conservatives hoping never to see that woman again," says backbencher Stephen Pound. "The last thing I want to do is pass her basilisk stare on my way to work."
    on Jan 25, 2006 By: Stephen Pound Source: Independent

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