baraka baraka


  • (n) United States writer of poems and plays about racial conflict (born in 1934)



  1. With its sumptuous comfort and kaleidoscopic flair, the Riad Fes Baraka captures all the intense and colorful blur of the city outside.
  2. General Henri Giraud has always had what the Arabs call the baraka, an uncanny ability to escape death and disaster.
  3. A deft handler of vastly different factions in his country, among them Islamic militants, the charismatic ruler was said by Moroccans to have baraka, or blessedness.


  • Early morning's magic spurs sanguine outlook on life

    Driving into work one perfect, sunny day, I listened to National Public Radio's Morning Edition, as I often do. At the end of this particular broadcast, a narrator was reading a poem by New Jersey writer Amiri Baraka:
    on June 12, 2013     Source: This Week Olentangy


  1. "Another good day on special teams," Miami head coach Larry Coker said. "We had some big plays with the punt block that led to a touchdown was definitely huge. Defensively the fumble that Baraka Atkins scored with was a big, big play."
    on Sep 24, 2004 By: Larry Coker Source:

  2. "We have confidence in our son Baraka (chance" in Arabic) Obama and, if he continues his wise and peaceful policies, we will help and support him so that they succeed," Gaddafi, dressed in white suit and black shirt, told the crowd of around 1...
    on Apr 16, 2010 By: Moammar Gadhafi Source: Independent Online

  3. "It is one of those things where you kind of see it coming," Davis said of getting cut. "You are out there practicing and you see the rookies (Brandon Mebane, Baraka Atkins) they drafted and they want to get them playing time. You don't take...
    on Jan 30, 2008 By: Russell Davis Source: (registration)

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