bandicoot bandicoot  /ˈbæn dɪ ˌkut/


  • (n) any of various agile ratlike terrestrial marsupials of Australia and adjacent islands; insectivorous and herbivorous


  1. The literary lions are not at their best caged up away from their own kind, and may look ridiculous if housed next door to a morose musk ox or an albino bandicoot.
  2. And, Loeb, see if he can pick up a bandicoot or a phalanger.


  • Amiga Games (and our childhood memories) acquired for $500,000

    Forget Mac versus PC, there was a time when Amiga reigned supreme -- at least in the heart of many computer gamers of a certain age. The Amiga 500 simply blew other computers from the '80s away, especially in the gaming department. But then the '90s happened (and you know where this is going): Microsoft won, Apple nearly went bankrupt and Sony introduced the world to Crash Bandicoot. So what ...
    on July 8, 2013     Source: Engadget

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  • "It is a national environmental emergency. Tasmania is a virtual Noah's Ark of rare and endangered species, many of which are extinct or nearing extinction on mainland Australia," Brown said. "These include the bettong, barred bandicoot,...
    on Aug 4, 2006 By: Bob Brown Source: Discovery Channel

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