bagpiper bagpiper  /ˈbæɡ ˌpaɪ pər/


  • (n) someone who plays the bagpipe


  1. Emperor Nero is supposed to have been a bang-up organist and bagpiper.
  2. On the high road to Washington this week, Lord Inverchapel had a youthful bagpiper of the Clan Maclean in his personal retinue.
  3. Lord Glenorchy has tried his luck as barman, bagpiper and laborer to supplement the $28-a-month pension he draws as a wounded veteran of the famed Black Watch Regiment.



  • "People here are very fond of golf and whisky. Pakistan and India are the biggest exporters of bagpipes in the world and Bagpiper Whisky, which comes from Kanpur, is one of the biggest brands. We seem to have escaped with our reputation completely...
    on Dec 4, 2006 By: William Dalrymple Source: Scotsman

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