bagpipe bagpipe  /ˈbæɡ ˌpaɪp/


  • (n) a tubular wind instrument; the player blows air into a bag and squeezes it out through the drone


  1. But chiefly they piped the bagpipes, vying for 21 prizes.
  2. As the popemobile descended the ramp, the sound of bagpipes from above mixed with the sorrowful tune of a single cello player below.
  3. An all too familiar dirge emanated from the bagpipes at Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, Calif.


  • American flag from the U.S. Capitol hoisted in Tiburon

    As "America the Beautiful" was played on a lone bagpipe, the Stars and Stripes were raised high above the Tiburon Post Office at noon Friday by Boy Scout Troop 48 in honor of Flag Day.
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Marin Independent Journal


  1. "Everything was gone, gone, gone, gone," said Hamilton, his steely blue eyes opening wide. "I could stand up on (skates), but I had no strength or muscle tone. Basically I was turning into a bagpipe."
    on Nov 3, 2009 By: Scott Hamilton Source: USA Today

  2. "Every summer when I'm at the lake, there's a young kid who bagpipes around the lake with his grandfather once a summer or twice a summer," Babcock said. "And I always said that if I won the Cup, I'd get Jeff to bagpipe the Cup around, and...
    on Aug 30, 2008 By: Mike Babcock Source: Ottawa Citizen

  3. "These things happen in byelections," Mr Brown told a radio phone-in. "When I was fighting my own constituency campaign before, I had someone in a kilt playing a bagpipe following me everywhere because they wanted to emphasise the fact that I...
    on May 20, 2008 By: Gordon Brown Source: Daily Mail

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