backpack backpack  /ˈbæk ˌpæk/


  1. (n) a bag carried by a strap on your back or shoulder
  2. (v) hike with a backpack

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  1. The results: those imagining themselves buying the backpacks in public were more likely to go for the enviro backpacks, even though they weren't as nice as the luxury models.
  2. Police had already found Lin's discarded backpack in a trashbin near the station.
  3. She moves on to a canary-yellow backpack.


  1. Backpack donations sought for Stanislaus schoolchildren

    The Latino Community Roundtable of Stanislaus County is seeking backpack donations for schoolchildren through July 29.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Modesto Bee

  2. Backpack bomb scare at PDX baggage claim

    PORTLAND -- A suspicious package closed some lanes on the lower roadway at Portland International Airport Wednesday night, officials said. Just before 10 p.m. an unclaimed backpack was spotted at the south and of the baggage claim level, said Port of Portland spokesman Steve Johnson. A bomb squad was called in shortly afterward and determined the backpack was not a threat.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: KGW NewsChannel 8 Portland

  3. Backpack Program Hoping To Expand To Other Schools

    The South Jefferson backpack program provides 70 kids with food for the weekend.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: WWNY - WNYF Watertown

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  1. Asked why she only obtained a passport last year, Palin said, "I'm not one of those who maybe came from a background of, you know, kids who perhaps graduate college and their parents give them a passport and give them a backpack and say go off and...
    on Sep 25, 2008 By: Sarah Palin Source: TIME

  2. Now, home is "a hammock strung between two posts, covered with mosquito netting and with tent above that serves as a roof," Betancourt wrote her mother. "I have a shelf for my things, which is to say a backpack for clothing and the Bible that...
    on Dec 23, 2007 By: Ingrid Betancourt Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. "I used to wear a cap and a big backpack," Shakira explained. "I looked like a boy. I didn't get recognized."
    on Oct 20, 2009 By: Shakira Source: Joy Online

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