backgammon backgammon  /ˈbæk ˌɡæ mən/


  • (n) a board game for two players; pieces move according to throws of the dice


  1. A peculiar thing about backgammon as played in the Navy, was that it was one game we didn't gamble on.
  2. Then he went to the Travellers Club on the Champs Elysees and found a rich man whom he could entice into a game of backgammon.
  3. But the war of nerves is not the only thing backgammon buffs have to watch out for.


  • Georgia Photo: The Heat Is On

    Residents of Abanotubani (Bath District), one of Tbilisi's oldest districts, play backgammon next to the dome of a bath house. Keram Rashoev (left), a 46-year-old an ethnic Kurd and a local backgammon legend, says that in Abanotubani there are no ethnic differences and people treat each other "based on the deeds, not blood." Temo Bardzimashvili is a freelance photojournalist based in Tbilisi.
    on July 19, 2013     Source: EurasiaNet

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  1. When their son, Homer, stays with Laffoon in Los Angeles, he sends the boy to preschool or leaves him with nannies and baby sitters while he "plays pingpong, backgammon and poker and views pornography online," Heche stated.
    on May 24, 2007 By: Anne Heche Source: FOXNews

  2. But their similar interests don't end there, with Andre saying: "Then afterwards we're gonna play backgammon. He'sa big fan, but I'm gonna teach him a thing or two."
    on Jan 11, 2009 By: Peter Andre Source: Daily Telegraph

  3. "The Iranians don't play backgammon, they play chess and in fact they invented the game," Barak, himself an avid chess player, said in an interview with Haaretz newspaper, referring to the Islamic republic's atomic programme.
    on Apr 28, 2009 By: Ehud Barak Source: AFP

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