autobiography autobiography  /ˌɔ tə baɪ ˈɑ ɡrə fi/


  • (n) a biography of yourself


  1. Spycatcher, the autobiography of Peter Wright, former assistant director of Britain's counterintelligence agency, is not the stuff of a runaway best seller.
  2. The autobiography of Tarzan's sidekick puts most Hollywood memoirs to shame.
  3. Now Delphine Minoui, a French reporter for Le Figaro, has ghostwritten Nujood's autobiography.


  1. Remembering Jim Zabel: A former DI editor

    I’ve read many stories about and reflections on the late, great Jim Zabel over the past few weeks. But none are more striking to me, personally, than one that I came across in his autobiography.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Daily Iowan

  2. Did Dolph Ziggler Return to Action?, Sunny Says Her Book Is Done, Mason Ryan

    - WWE Hall of Famer Sunny says she's finished her autobiography. She tweeted: "I have finished writing my autobiography and it is now in the editing stage! Expect it at a store near you by Spring 2014!"
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Lords of Pain

  3. Mohamed Al Fayed Suing Paul Anka Over His 'My Way' Autobiography

    Classic crooner Paul Anka did his autobiography his way, but that doesn't mean Mohamed Al Fayed has to like it
    on June 9, 2013     Source: antiMUSIC

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  1. Heston wrote in "In the Arena: An Autobiography," 1995; that he was proud of what he did "though now I'll surely never be offered another film by Warners, nor get a good review in Time. On the other hand, I doubt I'll get a traffic ticket...
    on Apr 5, 2008 By: Charlton Heston Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. Ahern said: "I am looking forward to working on this project immensely. It is my ambition that my autobiography will provide a meaningful and honest reflection on my life and my contribution to politics."
    on Dec 22, 2008 By: Bertie Ahern Source: The Bookseller

  3. In a statement issued today, Gordon Ramsay Holdings said: "Gordon has always down-played his footballing past and been clear about the fact that he never made it to be a professional. As detailed in Gordon's autobiography, Humble Pie, Gordon was a...
    on Mar 2, 2009 By: Gordon Ramsay Source:

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