audiocassette audiocassette


  • (n) a cassette for audiotape


  1. The tape is about one-fourteenth the size of a standard audiocassette and not half as big as Microcassettes, which have been in use since 1969.
  2. But that is what to expect from the film of The Firm, which clocks in at 2 12 hours -- barely shorter than the audiocassette version of the novel.
  3. Bar-code reader, computer-controlled tourniquet, audiocassette-drive mechanism, magnetic-recording system.


  • "We don't want to introduce the star cast to the audience now. We are going to take all of them to Tirupati, where we would be introducing them to the audience and the media, soon. We are going to sell the audiocassette for just Rs 5, with a slogan...
    on Apr 11, 2010 By: Dasari Narayan Rao Source: Sify

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