atrophy atrophy  /ˈæ trə fi/


  1. (n) any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use)
  2. (n) a decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse
  3. (v) undergo atrophy



  1. In the twilight of her career, when her voice began to atrophy, Behrens showed why she was a stalwart of the stage for four decades.
  2. We're beefing up in places where we hadn't been, where we'd allowed things to atrophy after the end of the cold war - in Latin America and Africa.
  3. The brain's greatest growth spurt, neuroscientists have now confirmed, draws to a close around the age of 10, when the balance between synapse creation and atrophy abruptly shifts.


  1. 'Fun run' to fight childhood disease is set for Saturday

    An eighth-annual "fun run" for motorcycles and classic cars to raise money to fight spinal muscular atrophy is being held Saturday in Rochester.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Post-Bulletin

  2. Low diastolic blood pressure may be associated with brain atrophy

    Low baseline diastolic blood pressure (DBP) appears to be associated with brain atrophy in patients with arterial disease, whenever declining levels of blood pressure (BP) over time among patients who had a higher baseline BP were associated with less progression of atrophy, according to a new report.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Science Daily

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  1. Unless Asean pushes ahead with "hard-nosed decisions" to transform intself into a more effective organisation, "its future will be one of atrophy and marginalisation," said Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister S Jayakumar, the city-state's EPG...
    on Jan 5, 2007 By: S Jayakumar Source: Bangkok Post

  2. "I think because my left quad had so much atrophy, it gave me four months to be on a structured program that really concentrated on conditioning and strength training, and stretching and working on my core," said Mueller. "It incorporated all...
    on Jan 19, 2004 By: Bill Mueller Source:

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