atom-bomb atom-bomb


  • (v) bomb with atomic weapons


  • For the past decade, there has been no "atom-bomb secret" which Russian spies needed to steal.


  • At Long Last, The Thorium Age Is Coming

    Thorium, an element named after the Norse god of thunder, may soon contribute to the world's electricity supply. Well begun; half done. That proverb--or, rather, its obverse--encapsulates the problems which have dogged civil nuclear power since its inception. Atomic energy is seen by many, and with reason, as the misbegotten stepchild of the world's atom-bomb programmes: ill begun and badly done ...
    on April 12, 2014     Source: Business Insider


  • Akiba said in a statement that the centre-left premier had signalled "a leading role in acting on the wishes of the hibakusha (atom-bomb sufferers), which is that 'we must never inflict this agony on anyone else.'"
    on Sep 25, 2009 By: Tadatoshi Akiba Source: AFP

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