astronavigation astronavigation


  • (n) navigating according to the positions of the stars


  1. The cardinal principle of astronavigation is to keep far away from gravitational maelstroms.
  2. But unless some future space-cleaning agency removes it as a menace to astronavigation, Vanguard II itself will probably orbit silently for at least a century.
  3. Later Egyptians were careless about this detail of astronavigation, but not the pious First Dynasty forefathers.


  • Phillies wise up, designate Delmon Young for assignment

    Delmon Young is a truly miserable ballplayer, a corner outfielder who plays defense like arranging to arrive at the same place and time as a descending baseball was an act of astronavigation comparable to trying to dock with an orbiting space station and who hit fairly well -- for the average shortstop of 1925 who was raised on a diet of roots and tubers.
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