asperity asperity  /ə ˈspɛ rɪ ti/


  1. (n) something hard to endure
  2. (n) harshness of manner


  1. Above all, Kemp is a man with vision and optimism to spare, the perfect antidote to Dole's asperity and narrow focus.
  2. Every story that came out, said the President with some asperity, was essentially untrue in its basic facts.
  3. Kazin's portraits of these people are usually thoughtful and affectionate, often with a redeeming touch of asperity.


  • "While Ann is supposed to arrive at the Keller household with high hopes and good intentions, Ms. Holmes delivers most of her lines with meaningful asperity, italicizing every word," wrote The New York Times critic Ben Brantley.
    on Oct 17, 2008 By: Ben Brantley Source: Reuters Canada

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