articular articular


  • (adj) relating to or affecting the joints of the body


  1. The cartilaginous articular surfaces of his knee the parts that rub together when the knee bends were pristine.
  2. Bursitis is perhaps the most common and certainly the best-known of the non-articular forms.



  1. "These Phase 3 data show that once monthly subcutaneous administrations of golimumab 50 mg and golimumab 100 mg significantly improved articular and psoriatic manifestations in patients with psoriatic arthritis," said Jerome A. Boscia, MD,...
    on Nov 7, 2007 By: St Jerome Source: Earthtimes

  2. "Behind his kneecap there was a little piece of articular cartilage that was causing some catching," coach Nick Saban said Thursday.
    on Nov 30, 2006 By: Nick Saban Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  3. "The specific injury that we are studying leads to articular cartilage degradation, or damage to the cartilage in the knee," Cook said. "This degradation is the hallmark of osteoarthritis, and while we can accurately assess clinical changes...
    on Jul 11, 2006 By: James Cook Source: Newswise (press release)

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