artichoke artichoke  /ˈɑr tə ˌtʃoʊk/


  1. (n) Mediterranean thistlelike plant widely cultivated for its large edible flower head
  2. (n) a thistlelike flower head with edible fleshy leaves and heart


  1. The event probably did not revolutionize French cooking as is sometimes suggested, but it did bring the artichoke north.
  2. Many Americans who only ten years ago thought that an artichoke was part of an automobile now serve it regularly at table; Artichoke Industries of Castroville, Calif, froze 2.
  3. The bottom of the cage at Flesh Fair opens up inward, in the same way that the moon base opened up like large artichoke leaves folding upwards toward the center.


  1. Prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with spinach, artichoke hearts and white beans

    On today's Cooking at Home recipe, Chef Dan Eaton wraps large shrimp with thin-sliced prosciutto and then serves it with garlic sauteed spinach, artichoke hearts and white beans. Use about four shrimp per serving and about 1/3 of a slice of prosciutto for each shrimp.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: News 14 Carolina

  2. Easy Braised Pork

    Peppercorn pork tenderloin, marinated artichoke hearts and basil-garlic polenta star in this quick-and-easy one-pot dinner.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Beauregard Daily News

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  1. "I normally like to give my party guests a wide selection of small bites to enjoy while they socialize," says Chef Todd English . "I like to put a twist on traditional favorites- such as my artichoke guacamole- to get the crowd buzzing. I...
    on Jan 6, 2009 By: Todd English Source: SYS-CON Media

  2. "My days as an Artichoke were very few, and that was a long time ago," said Feagles, who is hoping to get special dispensation from coach Tom Coughlin to allow him out of the locker room at halftime to take in the performance by Tom Petty....
    on Jan 30, 2008 By: Jeff Feagles Source: The Salem News

  3. "Thus ends in peace this career of the armed vegetable which is called an artichoke," Pablo Neruda writes.
    on Jun 5, 2008 By: Pablo Neruda Source:

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