appeaser appeaser


  • (n) someone who tries to bring peace by acceding to demands


  1. In one America, she's smart, committed, likable, with strong values and empathy for people like them, and in the other she's an ambitious, callous appeaser.
  2. He was Nathu Ram Vinayak Godse, editor of the extremist newspaper Hindu Rashtra, which had denounced Gandhi as an appeaser of Moslems.
  3. Another was the reputation of Sir Samuel as Britain's most notorious appeaser.



  1. When he was describing Nazism, Churchill said: "An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last."
    on Apr 9, 2007 By: Winston Churchill Source: Family Security Matters

  2. "As a critic of the administration, I will be damned if you can get away with calling me the equivalent of a Nazi appeaser," Olbermann told The Associated Press. "No one has the right to say that about any free-speaking American in this...
    on Oct 8, 2006 By: Keith Olbermann Source: Washington Post

  3. With her condescending voice, Malkin said, "He solidified his place in the international view as the great appeaser and the groveler-in-chief."
    on Sep 24, 2009 By: Michelle Malkin Source: News Hounds (blog)

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