apolune apolune


  • (n) apoapsis in orbit around the moon


  • Within minutes, Intrepid was successfully inserted into a low lunar orbit with an apolune (high point) of about 50 miles.


  • LADEE Makes LOI-2 Burn

    "LADEE just completed a successful firing of its main engine in the second lunar orbit insertion (LOI-2) burn! We are now in a 4 hour elliptic orbit, with the perilune at our commissioning altitude. This follows the LOI-1 burn on Oct 6 that first got us into lunar orbit. The accuracy of the LOI-1 burn was such that we did not need to do the LAM-1 (apolune) maneuver. The final of the three LOI ...
    on October 9, 2013     Source: SpaceRef

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