aphrodisiacal aphrodisiacal


  • (adj) exciting sexual desire



  1. Myths about the aphrodisiacal properties of rhinoceros horn and tiger bone have produced such consumer demand that both great mammals are close to extinction in the wild.
  2. There were 3 million walking skeletons in Calcutta; simultaneously, some of the country's 565 maharajahs continued to test the aphrodisiacal powers of crushed diamonds.
  3. If some parts of The Body's Rapture were printed alone, they could be justly characterized as aphrodisiacal if not pornographic.


  • Richard, 49, said: "When my first marriage ended, I enjoyed the fruits of being a young single man on TV. The aphrodisiacal effects of being a TV personality were obvious. I sowed a lot of f****** oats and loved it."
    on Feb 28, 2006 By: Richard and Judy Source: The Sun

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