antiquate antiquate  /ˈæn tə ˌkweɪt/


  1. (v) make obsolete or old-fashioned
  2. (v) give an antique appearance to


  1. If they were taught republicanism, a Soviet committee might antiquate their education with a new enactment.
  2. His first move in office was to antiquate newspaper files throughout the world by shaving his mustache and buying a new hat: a stiff, eminently correct black Homburg.


  • "By 2015 we expect half the population rise above the poverty line with current rate in its decrease of 2 per cent per year. We want to antiquate poverty by a progressive decrease in the number of poor of our country and 2030 is the projected...
    on Nov 17, 2007 By: Muhammad Yunus Source: Hindu

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