anionic anionic


  1. (n) a class of synthetic detergents in which the molecules do not ionize in aqueous solutions
  2. (adj) of or relating to anions



  1. Pigment Dispersion suits applications with high pigmentation levels.

    Optimized for tinting strength and full-tone light fastness, R3R1031 Toluidine Red is pigmented, finely ground, resin-free dispersion with yellowish-red hue. Organic solution has anionic nonionic dispersing agent, pH from 8.8–9.5, and total solids content of 52.25% ±2%. With 44.5% pigment, 0.89% typ VOC, and 1.16 specific gravity, dispersion is suited for such uses as interior emulsion ...
    on August 20, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

  2. Resinated Pigment Dispersion offers full-tone light fastness.

    Comprising acrylic resin, 48% organic pigment, and anionic/nonionic dispersing agent, R3N566 Toluidine Red YS is suited for interior emulsion, masonry, trim, bill boards, machinery paints, poster printing inks, wallpaper, and other applications requiring high pigmentation levels. Finely ground resinated dispersion features 8.5–9.5 pH range, 56.08% ±2% total solids, specific gravity of 1.19 ...
    on August 20, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

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