anemone anemone  /ˈæ nɪ ˌmoʊn/


  1. (n) any woodland plant of the genus Anemone grown for its beautiful flowers and whorls of dissected leaves
  2. (n) marine polyps that resemble flowers but have oral rings of tentacles; differ from corals in forming no hard skeleton



  1. Then it was Biden's turn: Delegates pulled out their bright-red Biden banners for the first time, turning the floor into a vast sea anemone.
  2. Instead, he sent down the runway a variety of head cases that included a Day-Glo blue sea anemone on Viagra, bottom left.
  3. The town, enduring its second siege within a year, is like an old crumbling conch shell in which some new life, some sea anemone, has tenaciously nestled.


  • Study: Sting’s venom hid fat-fighting secret

    A drug derived from sea anemone venom can make fat mice thin - with potentially powerful implications for treating obesity and diabetes in humans.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Orange County Register

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