anchovy anchovy  /æn ˈtʃoʊ vi/


  1. (n) tiny fishes usually canned or salted; used for hors d'oeuvres or as seasoning in sauces
  2. (n) small herring-like plankton-eating fishes often canned whole or as paste; abundant in tropical waters worldwide


  1. He held famous weekly teas in the huge, hotel-like Old Palace, where he stuffed undergraduates with good talk and anchovy toast.
  2. Soon Queen Marie sped back to the White House and was entertained at a state banquet: anchovy canape; consomme; lobster in cream; filet mignon; salad; ice cream; fruit; coffee.
  3. I'm just grumping that the current ratio of action to criticism tastes like an anchovy pizza that's all anchovy, no pizza.


  • Making Fish Food For People, Not Pigs, To Save An Ecosystem

    By elevating the country’s anchovy catch to a delicacy, rather than an ingredient in farm food, Peru is hoping to change the direction of its fisheries. How do you save a fish? Eat more of it. While not true for many species, the Peruvian anchoveta is a victim of its own abundance. Schooling in the billions off the cool, clear waters of the Peruvian coast, the anchoveta, or anchovy, has been ...
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Fast Company Magazine

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  1. "The priorities of this Presidency will be firstly to continue defining the pillars of the Common Fisheries Policy reform. In addition, we will focus on the reform of the common market organisation, on multiannual management plans for anchovy, horse...
    on Feb 9, 2010 By: Elena Espinosa Source: European Parliament (press release)

  2. NOTE: "Fish sauce is an all-purpose amber-colored, salty flavoring agent made by pressing out the liquid from fermented anchovy-like fish," Yan writes. "It is used to season dishes as they cook and as a table condiment, and is as common in...
    on May 9, 2007 By: Martin Yan Source: Nashua Telegraph

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