analogize analogize


  • (v) make an analogy


  1. I analogize this thirst for freedom to a hungry wild animal kept in captivity.
  2. Then he provides him with adventures that analogize, rather than slavishly imitate, those of his literary model.
  3. One other level of detail: There's a lot of TV on this TV show--people reference it and analogize it to their lives the way they do in real offices.


  • Time for New York Giants Fans to Forget About Hakeem Nicks

    Allow me to become the first ever Bleacher Report writer to make reference to John Mayer. The popular musician has a song called "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room," which is meant to analogize the state of couples who maintain relationships well past their expiration date.  If you're still reading, thanks. I appreciate it.  Now I'd like to propose that if the New York Giants and Hakeem Nicks ...
    on February 21, 2014     Source: Bleacher Report


  1. The Eichmann phrase was meant "to analogize a technocratic elite at the core of empire to be, not Eichmann per se, but 'little Eichmanns,' he said Monday. Eichmann himself in his own context symbolized those nameless bureaucratic functionaries who...
    on Mar 29, 2005 By: Winston Churchill Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. Columnist Cal Thomas said, "When Nancy Pelosi went through those tea partiers, it was like -- what should we analogize this to? -- the march through Skokie, Illinois, by the Nazis. It was deliberately provocative. They wanted a reaction."
    on Apr 7, 2010 By: Cal Thomas Source: Media Matters for America

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