ambassadorship ambassadorship  /æm ˈbæ sə dər ˌʃɪp/


  • (n) the post of ambassador


  1. An enraged Nazarbayev stripped his son-in-law of the ambassadorship and dispatched a group of top law enforcers aboard a special flight to bring the culprit home.
  2. A cabinet post or ambassadorship for himself.
  3. I'm not one of those people looking for a position or trying for an ambassadorship.



  1. "In the breadth of issues at stake, this ambassadorship is as important as any in the world," Mr. Obama said. "I believe there is much to be gained from a closer working relationship with China, but improved relationships will require candor...
    on May 16, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: New York Times

  2. "Had I been appointed to an ambassadorship somewhere, I simply wouldn't have had this opportunity to be selected secretary general," Ban said.
    on Dec 8, 2006 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. Seeing an opening, Kerry asked, "So two wrongs make a right? Is that your judgment that you would bring to the ambassadorship?"
    on Mar 1, 2007 By: John Kerry Source: Town Hall

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