amateurism amateurism  /ˈæm ə tʃə rɪ zəm/


  • (n) the conviction that people should participate in sports as a hobby (for the fun of it) rather than for money


  1. The cult of amateurism was from the beginning an assertion of social-class values, and it led to heated disputes, athletic boycotts and breakaways.
  2. But the old leisure-class amateurism is dead.
  3. At the sun-bleached airport, Bush was greeted with the Gulf's signature mix of garish oil wealth and tinpot amateurism.


  1. Six College Football Players Join Lawsuit Against NCAA

    Sports It doesn’t take a sports nut to realize how prominent college athletics are in the United States. Whether its March Madness or BCS bowl season, amateur athletics enthralls the nation while pulling in billions of dollars worth of ticket sales, merchandise sales and TV deals. All the while, the student-athletes only receive compensation through a scholarship in the name of amateurism and ...
    on July 20, 2013     Source: Opposing Views

  2. NCAA spokesman: 'Suit threatens college sports'

    A day after the plaintiffs' lawyers in an anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA and two co-defendants filed an amended complaint regarding the use of athletes' names, images and likenesses, the association's general counsel responded by acknowledging the threat the case presents to the collegiate model of amateurism.
    on July 20, 2013     Source: WZZM 13 Grand Rapids


  1. "Those are amateur issues that arose prior to their coming to our schools," Slive said of Sidney and Wall. "Those are strictly amateurism issues. As we told our people, somebody needs to determine if they are eligible. It's not relative to...
    on Oct 22, 2009 By: Mike Slive Source: ESPN

  2. "We are happy to get Renardo academically admitted," Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury said in a statement on Monday afternoon. "But we know this is just the first step. Now, he has to get his amateurism status resolved."
    on Aug 17, 2009 By: Rick Stansbury Source:

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