amateurishness amateurishness


  • (n) something that demonstrates a lack of professional competency


  1. All the couplings are accompanied by doltish dialogue, and they are staged with an amateurishness that would get them hooted off the screen in any decently managed hard-core house.
  2. An air of amiable amateurishness is carefully cultivated in Britain's public schools, and often seems to pervade its diplomacy.
  3. But they seemed to reflect Cooney's amateurishness rather than viciousness, not to mention a frantic desire to connect with his left hook.


  • Review: Sequel to 'The Falls' an earnest slog

    With its amateurish handling of stilted dialogue and flat direction, 'The Falls: Testament of Love' pushes its tale of closeted Mormons into unintended campiness. A serious undertaking overwhelmed by amateurishness, "The Falls: Testament of Love" is writer-director Jon Garcia's sequel to last year's "The Falls," a no-budget (as in a reported $7,000) staple of gay film festivals that introduced ...
    on November 9, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times


  • "Things come back into fashion because they represent something opposite to the current trends," Berenyi says. "There'sa disarming amateurishness in a lot of 'shoegazing' music, which conveys a vulnerability sorely lacking in much of today's...
    on Nov 20, 2007 By: Miki Berenyi Source: Nashville Scene

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