amanuensis amanuensis


  • (n) someone skilled in the transcription of speech (especially dictation)



  1. For the last 23 years of Stravinsky's life, Craft served the old master as rehearsal conductor, aide, intellectual catalyst, amanuensis and surrogate son.
  2. The part of Blayds's amanuensis-son-in-law is taken in the current production by Ernest Lawford, who carries off the memorable birthday scene with fine pomposity.
  3. Because he has gone blind, Cyrus enlists his nephew Democritus as amanuensis.


  • Thackeray & American Slavery

    Gloria Deák To the Editors : The sympathetic picture entitled Slaves Waiting for Sale, Richmond, Virginia painted by Eyre Crowe that accompanied the article by Drew Gilpin Faust was executed in 1861 while Crowe was in America serving as amanuensis to William Makepeace Thackeray. The two English travelers were headed south by rail and were surprised to hear the first copies in book form of Uncle ...
    on April 18, 2014     Source: New York Review of Books


  1. Last word: "In some ways, I begin to feel more and more as if I just channeled that story," says Maguire, "and that Elphaba was out there waiting for the amanuensis to finally notice her story and to put it down for everyone else to get it....
    on Nov 14, 2007 By: Gregory Maguire Source: Hartford Courant

  2. Richard Mabey quotes the 19th-century American poet and theorist of nature Henry Thoreau, who wanted to be an "amanuensis for the wild".
    on Sep 28, 2009 By: Richard Mabey Source:

  3. "He was like the Queen of Sheba," says Davies. "He was so often horizontal. He's got this little place at Patonga, this little holiday shack, and he'd lie there and I was like the amanuensis."
    on May 3, 2006 By: Luke Davies Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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