alchemize alchemize


  • (v) alter (elements) by alchemy


  1. The computer wizards at Industrial Light Magic help alchemize this ragged film into a megamorphic extravaganza.
  2. Even some of those quintessential American heroes, the astronauts, turned out to be venal, smuggling their trinkets and stamps aloft to alchemize them into marketable gold.
  3. Yet Johnson's characteristic refusal to be cowed, even by AIDS, suggested that the star might, as so often before, alchemize disaster with his infectious hopefulness.


  • Chef Chris Coombs signs on with HP Hood to promote cooking with cream

    HP Hood, a Lynnfield-based dairy brand, said Wednesday that it has partnered with uber chef Chris Coombs for a marketing campaign that will show how cream can alchemize ho-hum chow into “restaurant-quality dishes.” As foodies know, Coombs is the culinary force behind such restaurants as Boston Chops, dbar, and Deuxave. And as home cooks know, Hood cream can be an essential ingredient for such ...
    on March 19, 2014     Source:


  1. The plaintiffs in the case have "tried to join a wholesale claim that cannot succeed, with a retail claim that cannot succeed, and alchemize them into a new form of antitrust liability never before recognized by this court," Roberts said.
    on Feb 25, 2009 By: John Roberts Source: Reuters

  2. "Life is painful," Capote tells a friend. "I suppose I'm able to endure it because I'm able to alchemize it into art."
    on Oct 12, 2006 By: Truman Capote Source: Houston Chronicle

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