adulterant adulterant


  1. (n) any substance that lessens the purity or effectiveness of a substance
  2. (adj) making impure or corrupt by adding extraneous materials


Derived Word(s)


  • Used as an adulterant, it can greatly increase our synthetic rubber output.


  1. Adulterant Testing

    Adulterant testing detects substances (either added to the urine specimen or ingested) that are promoted as “cleansing agents” to prevent the detection of drug use.
    on July 22, 2013     Source: HRHub

  2. Drug Test Panels

    In addition to the standard NIDA (National Institute Drug Administration) panel, Alliant Diagnostics offers a variety of test panels and cut off levels, which can be combined with adulterant testing and MRO (Medical Review).
    on July 22, 2013     Source: HRHub


  • "Lignocaine is increasingly being used as an adulterant for cocaine on the streets and we are concerned about it. There is a concern about the use of the drug in inducing or enhancing cocaine-induced cardiac arrhythmia. It increases the cardio-toxic...
    on Aug 1, 2008 By: Brian Farrell Source: Irish Times

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