adeptness adeptness


  • (n) skillful performance or ability without difficulty



  1. In Joe Valachi's case, appearances are deceptive; gourmet skills plainly take second place to adeptness as an all-round hood.
  2. The study suggests deception may be a component of social adeptness.
  3. Everybody wants a bureau in the Middle Kingdom Among his other talents, China's Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-p'ing is demonstrating an adeptness in the care and feeding.


  • Harvard football team keeps improving

    Harvard earned a reputation in the regular season for its adeptness at grinding out victories.
    on November 16, 2013     Source: McHenry County Sports


  • "Those guys didn't get a lot of action for obvious reason (last year)," said Ferentz. "We'll have to feel our way a little. We'll try to make sure we're ready and, hopefully, handle what comes our way with adeptness."
    on Sep 1, 2007 By: Kirk Ferentz Source: Aurora Beacon News

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