overleaf overleaf


  • (adv) on or to the other side of a page


  1. Ben Kamihira (overleaf), Joseph Hirsch and Ralph Borge (last page) do not use distortion to achieve a sense of drama; their paintings rely more on a subtle or unexpected .
  2. Like most Buddhist shrines, Borobudur's architecture (see color opposite and overleaf) is symbolic.
  3. Bradley Walker Tomlin's abstract expressionism (see overleaf) with its mingling of signature brush strokes, does not seem so far removed in its liquid pastel forms from Pop .


  • Top Secret Operation - New Year New You

    Operative: James Bond Personal Trainer (see overleaf). Well never say never again because from Russia with love comes Operation New Year New You from James Bond Personal Trainer. The mission: to create a legion of Bond girls. James Bond, under directive from Agent M, is streaming fitness classes for ladies over the internet from a secret location in so people can work out at home without anyone ...
    on January 1, 2014     Source: PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance

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