onerously onerously


  • (adv) in an onerous manner


  1. The movie's onerously monotonous plot proceeds through vignettes of Serpico's honesty being put to the test.
  2. They no longer so onerously exploit the East Germans, who now have what is probably the best standard of living in the Communist world.


  • No, You Don’t Have to Play Flappy Bird

    The first time I played Flappy Bird I died a dozen times trying to propel myself between a single pair of Super Mario Bros.-pilfered pipes. I’m no gaming wallflower, so when I say this is an onerously difficult game from the get-go, I mean it makes other onerously difficult games you’ve maybe heard about — say Demon’s Souls – seem breezy. It’s as if the developer, doubtless as startled as I was ...
    on February 4, 2014     Source: Techland


  • "The passage of this bill ensures a future where CEOs aren't unduly distracted by trying to find ways to live within onerously tight budgets," the Fool's Tom Gardner says.
    on Mar 31, 2007 By: Tom Gardner Source: Motley Fool

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