obsessively obsessively  /ɑb ˈsɛ sɪv li/


  • (adv) in a compulsive manner



  1. Even opusteno Belgrade gabs about Ceca obsessively, in the way that one might talk about a plague of locusts.
  2. Survey young, urban Chinese today, and you will find them drinking Starbucks, wearing Nikes and blogging obsessively.
  3. Indeed, he seems obsessively eager to find common ground with conservatives.


  1. When Bernanke Confounds, Wall Street Reaches for Theories

    Amid the current turmoil in global markets, one question is being obsessively debated on Wall Street: Just what was Ben S. Bernanke thinking three weeks ago when he said that the Federal Reserve might soon cut back its stimulus efforts?
    on June 14, 2013     Source: New York Times

  2. Beat the heat: Sleep all day, then do business overnight

    Dog days of summer here in the Old Pueblo have hit with a vengeance. As if part of some masochistic ritual, we obsessively listen to the daily weather report in the hope of hearing a news flash about an upcoming cold snap.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Arizona Daily Star

  3. On Wall Street, ‘Everyone Snapchats Weird Shit’

    In between pushing piles of gold brick around and saying racist things in elevators , bankers are getting in touch with their inner teenagers by obsessively Snapchatting all day, New York Magazine reports . The Financial District’s finest gravitate to the app because typical social media photos tend to linger, liable to pop up in a higher-up’s Google search, while Snapchat photos disappear after ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The New York Observer

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