nastily nastily


  • (adv) in a nasty ill-tempered manner


  1. For although Alan Rickman's emotionally constricted businessman does consummate his affair with his nastily manipulative secretary, it does not mean all ends well.
  2. Arnett and Poehler's turn doesn't quite match Baron Cohen's as the French driver in Talladega, but Arnett gets points for smarming so nicely-nastily.
  3. The title track, about our reddening planet, is well intended but dull, while the sex songs suffer from being not nastily intended enough.



  1. A spokesperson for Price said: "When she is wrongly criticised, nastily and verbally attacked and abused in front of her children, who were plainly distressed by this man's behaviour, then she naturally reacted in a way any mother would."
    on Apr 4, 2010 By: Katie Price Source:

  2. John Noble tells us, "When Walter refers to William Bell, he doesn't do it nastily, he always says 'Belly and I did this or did that.' He hasn't got a grudge against him."
    on Apr 28, 2009 By: John Noble Source: E! Online

  3. "To hound and harass a public servant who steps marginally out of line venturing one view is not a very mature way to approach this," Mr Carr said. "To have the prime minister nastily and snappishly attack him is the wrong way to approach it.
    on Mar 16, 2004 By: Bob Carr Source: The Age

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