naively naively  /nɑ ˈiv li/


  • (adv) in a naive manner


  1. It's one thing to portray a vaguely Eastern European, naively anti-Semitic, sexist, insensitive but somehow lovable lout.
  2. They asked their friends to submit photos and naively assumed that no one outside their social circle would ever see it.
  3. The episode showed Clinton and his aides acting hastily, naively and cavalierly in brushing aside Baird's early warning that she had employed two undocumented Peruvians in her home.


  1. Letters to the editor, June 10, 2013

    Having chosen a profession that offered the promise of a graceful and professionally vital aging, I was surprised to find myself so profoundly irrelevant. As a young woman howling her way through the 1960s, swept up in the “certainties” of the political and sexual revolution, I was so naively certain that the perspective that we brought to causes as young people, and to our work and loved ones ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Santa Fe New Mexican

  2. Andra Bryan Stefanoni: Your car may get a workout, but there is plenty for kids to do this summer in Pittsburg

    My husband and I both put in the miles for our jobs, and my car especially gets a workout from August through May as I drive my sons to and from school. The first day of summer vacation, I naively calculated how much gas I would be saving by not driving those extra school drop-off and pickup routes — about 12 miles’ worth a day, or 60 miles a week.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: The Joplin Globe

  3. Getting Ahead: Wall woman found business in candy centerpieces

    I wasn't looking to start a business, and at 45 I was still undecided about what I was going to be when I grew up. When asked by my daughter's Girl Scout leader if I could make 15 centerpieces for the Mother's Day Brunch last year, I took on the challenge, naively thinking, how hard could it be?
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Asbury Park Press


  1. Padel said: "I did not engage in a smear campaign against him, but I naively passed on to two journalists information that was already in the public domain."
    on May 25, 2009 By: Ruth Padel Source:

  2. Obama "naively asked earmark addicts to police themselves," said Sen. Jim DeMint, RS.C. Lawmakers "trumpet their pork on their Web sites," he said, "and nobody believes we will have public hearings on pet projects."
    on Mar 11, 2009 By: Jim DeMint Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. "Until now, I naively believed that self-destructive doomsday machines were fictional devices found only in James Bond movies," Icahn wrote. "I never believed that anyone would actually create and activate one in real life. I guess I never...
    on Jun 3, 2008 By: Carl Icahn Source: USA Today

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