mutually mutually  /ˈmju tʃu ə li/


  • (adv) in a mutual or shared manner


  1. Violence and nonviolence are not mutually exclusive; it is the predominance of the one or the other that labels a struggle.
  2. And then we all go hate together: a mutually encouraging group activity for when the book group gets quiet.
  3. The two aren't in opposition or even mutually exclusive.


  1. RSG Developer Services Now Offers Mutually Beneficial Exit Strategy

    RSG Developer Services Now Offers Mutually Beneficial Exit Strategy (PRWeb June 20, 2013) Read the full story at
    on June 20, 2013     Source: PRWeb

  2. Barta Media Group Joins Buford Business Alliance

    Barta Media Group has joined the Buford Business Alliance in an effort to support the local community while forming mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses in the area. (PRWeb June 19, 2013) Read the full story at
    on June 19, 2013     Source: PRWeb

  3. Alexander to Reid: Mess With the Filibuster at Your Own Peril

    It's the procedural version of mutually assured destruction. Democrats are sick of Republicans threatening to use the filibuster to slow down progress; Republicans are sick of Democrats suggesting they might change Senate rules to get their way. The tacit counterthreat from the GOP is now explicit: if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid deploys the so-called "nuclear option"—eliminating the ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: National Journal via Yahoo! News


  1. "Beginning Wednesday, Carlos will undergo a treatment program with mutually agreed upon doctors from the Players Association and Major League Baseball," Cubs general manager Jim Hendry said Monday. "Basically, he will have to follow the...
    on Jun 29, 2010 By: Jim Hendry Source: Montreal Gazette

  2. After British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he would pursue legal action to recover the lost deposits of some 300,000 Britons who hold accounts with IceSave, Haarde said that discussions had begun between the two countries to find a "mutually...
    on Oct 9, 2008 By: Geir H Haarde Source: Newsday

  3. In their joint statement, Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao said their countries - permanent, veto-wielding Security Council members - were ready to "search for a comprehensive, long-term and mutually acceptable solution to the Iranian nuclear problem."
    on Mar 26, 2007 By: Hu Jintao Source: USA Today

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