malevolently malevolently


  • (adv) in a malevolent manner


  1. Muscles rippled malevolently in his chest.
  2. In that malevolently malleable face, the world's filmgoers are seeing Goeth.
  3. Brightly colored small birds perch on pencil tops, and a brown bat swings malevolently from the ceiling, suspended by a nearly invisible wire.


  • Rich on Running: Making a splash at Lynn Woods

    Puddles. Longer than Lake Champlain ... deeper than the Mariana Trench ... pools, no, make that yawning gulfs of water malevolently glaring at runners on the Lynn Woods trails.
    on June 28, 2013     Source: The Daily Item


  • Khamenei said that international leaders "want to malevolently change the facts and realities and are also influenced by the Zionist media."
    on Dec 31, 2009 By: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Source: ChattahBox

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