locally locally  /ˈloʊ kə li/


  1. (adv) by a particular locality
  2. (adv) to a restricted area of the body


  1. Still, the fact that not all locally grown products are organic had me worried.
  2. Until recently, one tenet of enviro-foodie wisdom was that eating ethically meant eating locally.
  3. Money spent at locally owned companies tends to create more business for local suppliers, accountants, etc.


  1. Mobile Device Techs Celebrates Grand Opening

    Mobile Device Techs LLC, a locally owned mobile device and computer repair shop, is celebrating its official grand opening for the entire month of Jun...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: The Memphis Daily News

  2. Sweet corn will be later this year

    Last year, some locally grown sweet corn started showing up at Quad-City farmers markets in late June, two weeks earlier than normal.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Quad-City Times

  3. **PEST FX Pest Control** Locally owned & operated Residential & Commercial Spiders, wasps, bees, fleas, bed bugs ...

    Classified Ad Miscellaneous Services if (!window.OX_ads) { OX_ads = []; } OX_ads.push({ "auid" : "417989" }); document.write(' '); **PEST FX Pest Control** Locally owned & operated Residential & Commercial Spiders, wasps, bees, fleas, bed bugs, moths, roaches, rodents Senior Discount-10%, Buy 2 sprays, get one free 419-366-0523
    on June 15, 2013     Source: The Sandusky Register


  1. "The United Kingdom is deeply concerned at the arrest and, in some cases, continued detention of some of our hard-working locally engaged staff in Tehran," Miliband said. "This is harassment and intimidation of a kind which is quite...
    on Jun 28, 2009 By: David Miliband Source: Voice of America

  2. "I think we had a little different philosophy and vision with respect to baseball issues," DeWitt said during his news conference. "There was clearly tension, reported widely -- not only locally, but nationally." "I do think it got to...
    on Oct 3, 2007 By: Bill DeWitt Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  3. "Iran's action, first the expulsion of two diplomats and now the arrest of a number of our locally engaged staff, is unacceptable, unjustified and without foundation," Prime Minister Gordon Brown told reporters in London.
    on Jun 29, 2009 By: Gordon Brown Source: Reuters

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