lathi lathi


  • (n) club consisting of a heavy stick (often bamboo) bound with iron; used by police in India


  1. The crowd found one-way traffic patterns, with 200 mounted police and 3,000 other lathi-wielding cops to enforce them.
  2. He completely refuses to admit that Soviet Russia has developed a new imperialism compared to which Britain's regime in India, lathi charges and all, was a riot of freedom.
  3. Police then beat Qasab with their lathi sticks until he was unconscious.


  • Girls soccer roundup

    North Plainfield 2, Manville 0: Maria Molina and Caitlin Gugliotta scored goals to lead North Plainfield. Taylor Zoda and Silvia Alapapucho-Toroshina notched assists for the Canucks (4-4-1), who got two saves from keeper Norma Ramos. Amber Lathi made seven saves for Manville (3-6).
    on October 2, 2013     Source:

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