languorously languorously


  • (adv) in a languorous manner


  1. She has the same knack of languorously lagging behind the beat, bending her notes into microtones of aching and yearning.
  2. He languorously runs a woman's comb through his hair.
  3. For lovers to marry before they have courted languorously for ten years is a scandal.


  • Scum: Remastered Edition

    Highly Recommended THE FILM The great British director Alan Clarke was an incidental, better-late-than-never discovery for this reviewer: I unfortunately had never heard of him until 2003, when Gus Van Sant's Elephant -- the languorously and objectively-told story of a horrific school shooting -- was released, and Van Sant, in interviews published around that time, attributed the cryptic title ...
    on June 25, 2013     Source: DVD Talk

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