ladyship ladyship


  • (n) a title used to address any peeress except a duchess


  1. Most of the reigning beauties also meet democracy's most demanding criterion of successful first-ladyship: each, in her way, embodies her country's ideal of womanhood.
  2. I would especially recommend that your ladyship go on Thursday when there is a musical accompaniment.
  3. At this her ladyship sat 'down, but continued her protests from her sitting posture.


  • Not This Again

    Signs abound that what Hillary Clinton once called the “vast right wing conspiracy” is sharpening its knives for another serving of 1990?s leftovers, this time focusing on her First Ladyship. Her time in the White House is a record that is worthy of examination in a run for the presidency. But old patterns of relying […]
    on February 15, 2014     Source: CQ Politics Blogs

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