jurisprudentially jurisprudentially


  • (adv) in respect to jurisprudence or the science or philosophy of law


  • It is clear that what Scalia is suggesting is that statutorily and jurisprudentially there is not an inherent right to overturn a procedurally sound conviction based on alleged .


  1. "In every sense, this is still a closely divided Court jurisprudentially," noted Kmiec.
    on Jun 5, 2007 By: Douglas Kmiec Source: New York Law Journal

  2. Justice Roberto Rivera-Soto, in his dissent, called the court's findings "factually, legally, and jurisprudentially unsound."
    on Jul 28, 2009 By: Roberto Rivera-Soto Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

  3. Golding said that he was even more concerned at Coore's report that the attorneys general declared the Privy Council's decision to be "jurisprudentially flawed and wrong."
    on Mar 31, 2005 By: Bruce Golding Source: Jamaica Observer

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