jarringly jarringly


  • (adv) in a manner that jars and irritates


  1. Since 1996, Abyss Creations has shipped more than 800 of the jarringly lifelike sex dolls.
  2. Find out how our correspondent fared in his date with a jarringly lifelike interactive mate.
  3. Despite their beauty, the photos and the inference that they epitomize American style seem jarringly anachronistic.



  1. "We are in the midst of a major social change," Corrigan wrote in her dissent. "Societies seldom make such changes smoothly. For some the process is frustratingly slow. For others it is jarringly fast. In a democracy, the people should be...
    on May 18, 2008 By: Carol Corrigan Source: Sacramento Bee

  2. George Thorogood and The Destroyers came out of Delaware in the 1970s as what Boston Globe music critic Steve Morse describes as "a jarringly high-energy bunch" with "raucous, slide guitar-stoked, blues-rock covers."
    on Jul 11, 2008 By: Steve Morse Source: MarketWatch

  3. Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, said: "Ken Clarke is absolutely right that this is a fundamentally different problem from the 1970s. His comments jarringly contrast with the rather shrill and hysterical comments from David...
    on Jan 25, 2009 By: Vince Cable Source: Times Online

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