islamism islamism


  1. (n) a fundamentalist Islamic revivalist movement generally characterized by moral conservatism and the literal interpretation of the Koran and the attempt to implement Islamic values in all aspects of life
  2. (n) the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran


  • The Specter of Xenophobia Stalks Europe

    The specter haunting Europe isn’t communism or Islamism — it’s xenophobia. Far right nationalists are on the march from the fringes to the heart of the continent. Click here for the rest of the article...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: The Forward


  1. Mr. McEwan said, "As soon as a writer expresses an opinion against Islamism, immediately someone on the left leaps to his feet and claims that because the majority of Muslims are dark skinned, he who criticizes it is racist."
    on Jun 23, 2008 By: Ian McEwan Source: New York Times

  2. "We don't have any precise information about the involvement of Islamists, but we have to note that the province of Hadramut is know for its Islamism and its extremist groups," Belgian Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht said.
    on Jan 18, 2008 By: Karel De Gucht Source: FOXNews

  3. Chris Huhne, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, said: "The Prevent programme alienates and marginalises Muslim communities, and exacerbates racist bias and ignorant views." "Everyone wants to combat radical Islamism but that should...
    on Mar 29, 2010 By: Chris Huhne Source: The Guardian

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