irresolution irresolution


  1. (n) doubt concerning two or more possible alternatives or courses of action
  2. (n) the trait of being irresolute; lacking firmness of purpose


  1. Even the indomitable Yeltsin reportedly had a moment of irresolution.
  2. The Kremlin's current irresolution owes much to him.
  3. He reveled in irresolution, letting himself drift with the fates -- or so it seemed.



  1. Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut, the independent who sided with Republicans in agreeing not to take up the resolution, called the proposal "a resolution of irresolution," saying it criticized the president's plan but did nothing...
    on Feb 5, 2007 By: Joe Lieberman Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. Following a bit later, Republican Kay Granger of Texas called the bill "a resolution of irresolution."
    on Feb 14, 2007 By: Kay Granger Source: New York Times

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